What we do

Advisory Team



Assisted with their critical needs, covering various product and compliance issues


New Fintech Products

Helped launch for early and growth stage firms through bank or middleware partnerships


Financial Institutions

Managed acquisition and maintenance of state money transmission and lending licenses


Helped develop partner banking and banking-as-a-service platforms and find fintech partners

Skillset and Specialization

Our unique and extensive fintech expertise allows us to provide practical advice for any issue that arises throughout the process. We specialize in a handful of service offerings so that we can provide exceptional services and deliver unrivaled client outcomes.

Delivery Model

Clients capitalize on our dedicated support team that adapts quickly as needs arise, ensuring efficient and high-quality output, including real-time communication and collaboration. We measure our response time in minutes, accelerating our clients’ work.

Fee Structure

A fixed month-to-month pricing model makes us an extension of our clients’ teams and supports long-term relationships. It avoids challenges such as hesitation to use services in hourly billing and restrictions on scope and time in fixed fee arrangements.

Network Effect

Our clients gain the benefit of our extensive industry network, including connections with leading banks, regtechs, investors, and other key players. The network provides valuable insights, resources, and partnership opportunities, giving our clients a competitive edge.

New Product Launch

We help clients launch innovative fintech products with confidence. Our team guides throughout the entire process from securing the right bank partners to operationalizing risk and compliance programs.

  • Bank Partner Search
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Product Design and Compliance
  • Risk and Compliance Program Development
  • Talent Resourcing

Fintech Program Maturation

We help established clients scale and mature their risk and compliance programs as they grow. Our experts tailor industry best practices to evolving business needs, enhancing processes through technology and automation.

  • Target Operating Model
  • Compliance Process Optimization and Automation
  • InfoSec/SOC 2 Readiness Support
  • Headmaster™ Training


We assess licensing requirements and develop strategies that align with current and future needs. We manage the licensing process for those seeking state money transmission licenses, lending and servicing licenses, digital asset licenses, and more.

  • Licensing Strategy
  • License Applications and Acquisition
  • License Maintenance
  • Change of Control Filings
  • RIA Registration

Program Assessment

We perform compliance audit, risk assessment, and due diligence services tailored for fintechs and financial institutions. Our team draws on fintech domain expertise and experience to evaluate AML, KYC, consumer compliance, and to support investment decisions.

  • Independent Assessments and Audits
  • CFPB Readiness Review
  • Mock Examination
  • Model Risk Management and Validation
  • Investment Due Diligence

Bank Chartering

For institutions looking to establish or acquire a bank charter, we offer comprehensive advisory services to guide through the formation process. Our expertise covers regulatory requirements, capital raising, business planning, and operational readiness.

  • Charter Analysis and Target Identification
  • De Novo and Change of Control Applications
  • Feasibility Study Preparation
  • Staffing and Resourcing

Partner Bank Programs

We provide end-to-end advisory services to community and regional banks on building and scaling embedded banking and banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platforms. Our expertise spans technology, compliance, and risk management, enabling banks to launch and grow their platform prudently.

  • Strategic Plan Preparation
  • Risk and Compliance Readiness
  • Risk Assessment Development
  • Ongoing Oversight Support