Tim Lam

Tim is the Growth Lead at FS Vector, where he supports the firm with the development of new service offerings, M&A activity, and business development

Patrick Aspacher

Patrick has extensive experience working with money transmitter licenses in the payment and cryptocurrency spaces. He works with companies to acquire licenses and specializes in

Ashwin Vasan

Ashwin Vasan

Mr. Vasan was most recently Associate Director of Research, Monitoring and Regulations at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). He oversaw a team that led

Carole House

Carole House is an Executive in Residence at Terranet Ventures, Inc., and a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. She also currently serves as

Emily Goodman

Emily leads FS Vector’s Licensing practice, a core offering with our Advisory team.  She serves as a strategic advisor to licensing clients, with expertise in

Gemma Caglioti

Gemma leads recruiting and talent placement for FS Vector clients and internal roles, covering full-time hires, fractional and interim staffing, and operations support. Her expertise

Sarah Elliott

Sarah is an independent director and the Chair of the Audit Committee for the board of Anchorage Digital Bank NA, the first federally chartered digital

Niel Valmores

Niel focuses on money transmission license acquisition and maintenance, bringing hands-on experience across the MTL program. Her expertise includes managing the regulatory reporting for licensed

Max Sherman

Max designs and operationalizes strong and sustainable partnerships between fintechs and banks. He brings practical experience having served within a fintech partner bank, evaluating and


Amy monitors state and federal legislation, provides extensive research on digital asset legislation and other regulatory developments , and creates a variety resources across Advocacy